Kyle Jones

Kyle "Sunshine" Jones is the founder of Outdoor Raw. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science, Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism from Charles Sturt University. He has worked in the outdoor education and recreation industry for the past 15 years. He is a qualified Climbing Instructor (CI), canoe guide, caver, snowboarder, skater, and a widely respected educator and leader in innovative development of outdoor education.


His commitment to professionalism and safety in these wild endeavours is second to none, with all Outdoor Raw activities adhering to strict Australian industry standards. He holds the highest qualifications in risk management, remote location First Aid, rescue, navigation, as well as all the technical skills and certifications required to safely undertake these activities.


Kyle is super passionate about getting people from all walks of life, young and old, outdoors to better their lives in creative, unconventional, unique and powerful ways. Committed to the values of ecotourism, caring responsibly for the incredible environments Outdoor Raw explores, he also hold National Parks Certification.